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7-day wildlife
research expedition

to the remote wilderness of Cusco - Peru

by Nature Andes

Squeezed and hidden between the huge protected areas of Manu and Megantoni is our fixed camp site, completely off the beaten track. A fine selection of volunteers will be doing CITIZEN SCIENCE ! We'll be looking for bears, jaguars and recording a number of other interesting species. It includes 6 night lodging in a lodge-research-station setting, plus three home-made meals per day, plus snacks. $1,800. Student price $900.

Book right now, with online payment, or browse below and then go to reservation and booking FAQs for more information.

Plus... Expeditionpack, book a trip to Machu Picchu after the expedition !


Research expeditions in Cusco, by Nature Andes


Camping expeditions in Cusco, by Nature Andes

Expedition service

● Van from Cusco to camp site and back

● Itineraty and reservations from Lima

● Airport / other transfers in Cusco

● Multilanguage guide

● 6-night camp lodging consisting of tent-based overnights and support lodge

● Three homemade meals per day plus free snacks

● Purified fountain water

Training content

● Species's study methods

● Species' identification from tracks and by sight

● Training on GPS use for trail mapping and species' recording


Delays may be expected from November to Mach due to mudslides and rain


Installing camera-traps in Cusco, research


Adventure in Cusco


Research results in Cusco puma jaguar and ocelot distribution


Day 1: Several hours drive to and arrival at base camp. Unpack, freshen up, put up camp. Talk on routine procedures, safety and first notions on methods to be learned. Exploratory hike near the camp and deployment of one camera-trap.

Day 2: Learning how to record species, sampling designs and trail/ feature mapping using GPS and datasheets. Deployment of camera-traps. Split in two groups to explore different trails. Gather to report findings.

Day 3-6: Full day out recording species in small groups to explore different trails. Return by 16:00 to base camp. Freshen up, gather to report and data charting .

Day 6: At night pack to leave next day.

Day 7: Trip back to Cusco.


See our reservation and booking FAQs.

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July 21 - 27

December 15 - 21

DATES 2019 DATES 2020

June 11-17

October 21 - 27

December 15 - 21

Map of Cusco region, including the city of Cusco, Machu Picchu,
and protected areas of Manu and Megantoni.

Study and travel area for Nature Andes' expeditions

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